Using LED Lights To Modernise Your Interior

Does your home interior look a little bit old? Well, there are numerous interior designs can help you upgrade it. Among the most trending methods is the use of LED lights. With their bright lights and a vast range of colours, this form lighting can be used to modernise your home interior in a great way. 

Decorating with Home LED Lights

To get the trick right, you should know that different rooms and areas of your home may require different lighting approach depending on the activities and task carried out in them. This is how you can get the best out of LED lights:


Kitchen LED LightsThe kitchen is among the most active rooms in the house, and any lighting should be done to enhance its activities. It should be illuminated entirely with a broad range of lights to view the cleanness and for ease of tasks. Sinks and platforms should be more lit to enhance the activities carried around these places. Under cabinet lighting can also be used in the kitchen while narrow beam lights can be applied on areas such as Kitchen Island and pantries of the counter.

Drawing Room

This is another most used and active room of any household. Living room or drawing room is the place where a number of people or the family gathers in the house and thus should be lit properly. The LED lighting should create an ambient environment, and mostly, dimmable lighting is recommended. The light should also eliminate shadows.


The LED light for the dining should be a little bit different from rest of the rooms. First, the lighting should create an ambient environment with the light focusing on the dining table rather than the entire place. Hanging pendant type of LED lights would be more suitable for this room. The height of the light is also critical for a perfect illumination.


Bedroom LED lightsThis room doesn’t need heavy lighting to upgrade. The use of accent led bedroom lights would do an excellent job in highlighting the art pieces or frames in the room. This will give it an entirely new and modern look and also change its appearance in a great way. You should provide reading and floor lights in this place.


For cleaning purposes, the bathroom requires you to provide more lighting. Modern bathrooms are more expensive in designs and thus the need to have it well lit to illuminate this beauty. Always remember to install lights on top or both sides of the mirror.

Entries and Stair

While the entry should have a welcoming LED lighting scheme, the stair should be lit both to enhance the safety of the occupants and aesthetics. An interior designer can help you to get the best out of it.


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